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People Have Given To
People with positions in Yale University have made donations to
John Kerry $2,940,365 David B Singer, Alan M Weiner, Edward Tufte, Andrew Sabl, Thomas R. Hyde, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Dan Reicher, Axel Brunger, Hayward Alker, Mimi Gardner Gates, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, John Kerry, Ruth B Yeazell
Democratic National Committee $265,175 Dan Reicher, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Shelley Burtt, Herbert E Scarf, David B Singer, Theodore P Shen, Paul L Joskow, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Marian R Chertow, Ruth B Yeazell, Alan M Weiner, Mimi Gardner Gates, Edward Tufte, Andrew Sabl, Barrington Daniels Parker, William D Nordhaus, Hayward Alker, Axel Brunger
Barack Obama $196,131 Marian R Chertow, Edward Tufte, Theodore P Shen, Lisa Curran, Jeffrey Powell Koplan, David B Singer, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Donald G Ogilvie, Ruth B Yeazell, Jeffrey L Bewkes, William D Nordhaus, Christopher Sims, Andrew Sabl, Linda Koch Lorimer, Dan Reicher, David Coleman, Alan M Weiner, Axel Brunger, Paul L Joskow, Thomas R. Hyde, Shelley Burtt
Bass Brothers Enterprises Inc. - Political Action Committee $120,000 Edward Bass
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $108,905 Lisa Curran, Hayward Alker, John Kerry, David B Singer, Alan M Weiner, William D Nordhaus, Edward Tufte, Edward Bass, Shelley Burtt, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Ruth B Yeazell
National Republican Senatorial Committee $108,200 Edward Bass, George Leonard Baker Jr
Mitt Romney $103,500 Edward Bass, George Leonard Baker Jr, Lawrence Joseph Denardis, Douglas A Warner III, Paul Wolfowitz, Theodore P Shen
Republican National Committee $100,975 George Leonard Baker Jr, Benno C Schmidt Jr, William K Simpson, Edward Bass, Douglas A Warner III
National Cable and Telecommunications Association Political Action Committee (Ncta PAC) $70,000 Jeffrey L Bewkes
Time Warner Political Action Committee $65,000 Jeffrey L Bewkes
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. Federal Political Action Committee $55,000 Douglas A Warner III
Texas Conservatives Fund $50,000 Edward Bass
Texans for a Conservative Majority $49,666 Edward Bass
Kay Granger $41,200 Edward Bass
Dscc/Non-Fed Unincorp Assoc $40,000 Edward Tufte
John McCain $36,925 George Leonard Baker Jr, Lawrence Joseph Denardis, Edward Bass, Douglas A Warner III, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Benno C Schmidt Jr
Mitch McConnell $33,400 Edward Bass
George W Bush $25,687 Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas A Warner III, Edward Bass, George Leonard Baker Jr, William I Miller, Benno C Schmidt Jr, Lawrence Joseph Denardis
Christopher Murphy $25,350 Edward Tufte, Shelley Burtt, William D Nordhaus, Marian R Chertow, Ruth B Yeazell
Stop Special Interest Money Now $25,000 George Leonard Baker Jr