Advisory committee to the Secretary of Energy composed of oil & gas executives
People Have Given To
People with positions in National Petroleum Council have made donations to
University of Oklahoma $12,500,000 Aubrey K McClendon
Duke University $6,000,000 Aubrey K McClendon
Right to Rise USA $1,775,215 Richard Kinder, Rex W Tillerson
Americans United to Preserve Marriage $625,000 Aubrey K McClendon
Club for Growth.Net $500,000 Aubrey K McClendon
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $490,242 Richard Kinder
Republican National Committee $351,310 Ronald A Erickson, Aubrey K McClendon, Richard Kinder, Rex W Tillerson, Robert B Catell
National Republican Senatorial Committee $263,800 Aubrey K McClendon, Rex W Tillerson, Jerry J Langdon, Richard Kinder
Progress for America Voter Fund $250,000 Aubrey K McClendon
University of Oklahoma College of Law $250,000 Aubrey K McClendon
Swift Boat Vets and Pow's for Truth $250,000 Aubrey K McClendon
National Republican Congressional Committee $184,850 Richard Kinder, Aubrey K McClendon, Rex W Tillerson
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $80,800 Richard Kinder
Romney Victory $61,700 Rex W Tillerson, Richard Kinder
Exxon Mobil Corporation Political Action Committee (Exxonmobil PAC) $55,000 Rex W Tillerson
John McCain $48,700 Richard Kinder, Robert B Catell, Aubrey K McClendon, Ronald A Erickson
Tom Cole $46,300 Aubrey K McClendon
Chesapeake Energy Corporation Fed-PAC $32,500 Aubrey K McClendon
George W Bush $30,500 Robert B Catell, Aubrey K McClendon, Richard Kinder, Jerry J Langdon, Rex W Tillerson, Ronald A Erickson
Mitt Romney $29,800 Robert B Catell, Rex W Tillerson, Aubrey K McClendon, Richard Kinder