Lobbying: Henry M Paulson Jr, Wang Jianlin

Type Direct Lobbying
Is Current no
Notes After the earlier China backlash, Bloomberg had worked diligently to repair relations with the Chinese. The company had Kissinger Associates, Henry Kissinger’s consulting firm, on retainer and deployed it to broker a rapprochement. Other China experts also provided advice on how to manage the fallout. Among them, informally, was Hank Paulson, the former secretary of the Treasury and the subject of a laudatory Josh Tyrangiel-produced Bloomberg documentary in 2013. Paulson, who sits on the board of Mike Bloomberg’s philanthropy, the Bloomberg Family Foundation, has a good relationship with members of the Chinese government, and offered Doctoroff some insight. On September 5, 2013, a few days before Bloomberg reporters had delivered the first draft of their story to editors in New York, Paulson also met with Wang Jianlin. By then, Bloomberg reporters had “made a nuisance of themselves” with Wang’s shareholders, according to Richardson. Asked about the Wang meeting, a spokeswoman for Paulson said, “They did not discuss Bloomberg.”