Foremost business policy group of leading chief executives
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Business Roundtable also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Fix the Debt Edward B Rust Jr, John T Chambers, Randall L Stephenson, Ivan G Seidenberg, W James McNerney Jr, Stephen Odland
IBM Ken Chenault, John T Chambers, W James McNerney Jr, Edmund T Pratt, James W Owens
The Business Council Edmund T Pratt, W James McNerney Jr, Stephen Odland, G Richard Wagoner Jr, James W Owens
Verizon Communications Inc. John W Snow, Ivan G Seidenberg, Maria Ghazal
McGraw Hill Financial, Inc. Harold McGraw III, William D Green, Edward B Rust Jr
Committee for Economic Development Stephen Odland, Edward B Rust Jr, Michael G Morris
Catalyst Charles O Holliday Jr, Anne M Mulcahy, G Richard Wagoner Jr
General Motors Company G Richard Wagoner Jr, Edmund T Pratt
The Procter & Gamble Company Ken Chenault, W James McNerney Jr
The Boeing Company Randall L Stephenson, W James McNerney Jr
Caterpillar, Inc. James W Owens, Edward B Rust Jr
American Express Company Brigitte Schmidt-Gwyn, Ken Chenault
Alcoa Inc. James W Owens, Michael G Morris
Graham Holdings Company Anne M Mulcahy, G Richard Wagoner Jr
American Enterprise Institute John W Snow, Edward B Rust Jr
Center for Strategic and International Studies Rex W Tillerson, W James McNerney Jr
Peterson Institute for International Economics Harold McGraw III, James W Owens
The Partnership for New York City Harold McGraw III, Ken Chenault
Council on Competitiveness Charles O Holliday Jr, John Engler
Institute for Legal Reform Edward B Rust Jr, John J Castellani